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noona killer bambam ♥(ノ´∀`)


A fan asked Mr Tuan if there was any meaning behind Mark’s name or if he just chose it because it sounded nice. Mr Tuan said they didn’t know if Mrs Tuan was having a boy or a girl. When the baby was born they needed to give him a name so they opened the Bible and it just happened to open to The Gospel of Mark, so they used Mark as the name.

cr: Mark’s father’s Twitter

tr cr: fyeah-marktuan

my thoughs exactly, Jr.

when amber asked why jackson kept his youth olympics history from her



So I really wanted to find the posts mark made on his school blog and I found them……but while going down the list of students I found this lol.

He accidentally submitted just his name at 15:50

Then another student commented “lol. fail” ( I believe that’s what 14.1 means)

Then finally, our precious mark submitted his final post 9 minutes later.

Oh Mark. Lol.

Well doesn’t this remind us of his second tweet? He didn’t change.